Hand Pump Restoration

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Hand Pump Restoration


We specialise in the supply service and installation of all types of pumps and pumping equipment and one of these areas is the restoration of traditional hand pumps.


This particular style seems to have been quite a popular design for East Anglia, it consists of a lead barrel mounted within a wooden housing.  The spout is also crafted from lead with floral decorations.  The hand craftsmanship to produce this is sadly lost today and we are always pleased when clients want to reinstate them to their former glory.  Traditionally the pump boxing would have been constructed from pine, however, so as to ensure durability, we constructed the housing from a hardwood which was left to weather naturally to enhance the wood grain. 


The client wanted to use the pump as a water feature in the garden and for filling watering cans for hand watering.  They also decided to make use of the well and therefore we installed an electric self priming pump, which was mounted discreetly within the well entrance.  This allowed water from the well to be used for irrigation via a garden hose with an adjustable sprinkler.  The pump was made fully automatic with the installation of a Hydrostat.  Simply turning a tap on will start the pump and turning off will stop the pump.


At a later date should the client decided to use the well supply for household use, the self priming pump will be capable of providing sufficient flow and pressure equivalent to the mains.


If you have a old traditional hand pump and would be interested in restoring this then please contact us for further advice and assistance.  Send up photos of the hand pump with as much detail of your well and we would be pleased to offer our services.



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