Upgrade of Water Treatment Filters and Borehole Pump

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Old Borehole Pump Installation



Water Treatment Filters and Borehole Upgrade


Our client has a borehole private water supply which he was very unhappy with as the water treatment filters installed by others were not functioning correctly and had never really work well from day one.  When we carried out the initial site visit we discovered an installation in very Shakesby Iron Filter and Hague Water Softener Installation by ECP Grouppoor condition.  There was an inefficient iron filter / water softener and various pre-filters.  All pipework was corroded and looking in a very sorry state.


We therefore removed all corroded pipework, fittings, filters and pump control equipment. Tidied up the pump house and installed a Shakesby SVET1354 iron removal filter, a Saphir 2 Ultraviolet Water Disinfection (UV) filter, a Hague 410 Water Softener, new 100 litre Challenger pressure vessel and replaced all pipework with corrosion proof PVC solvent weld pipe and fittings and flexible Claber Top Black potable water hose.


We also installed a Morion Reverse Osmosis filter under the kitchen sink which will treat the drinking water supply.  As the property is situated in a rural location it will reduce/remove any pesticides, nitrates, herbicides etc. ensuring a wholesome drinking water supply.  


Saphir UV with Pre-Filter on PVC pipework by ECP GroupUpon testing out the new system it was discovered that the Grundfos SQ365 variable speed borehole submersible pump was faulty.  This was removed and in its place installed a Micra 3" borehole submersible pump.  When we extracted the faulty Grundfos bore pump we discovered that it had been installed far too shallow not making use of the abundant borehole water supply.  We therefore extended the delivery pipe so that the bore pump is now well below the water table and making full use of the aquifer.  Whilst pumping out to waste the water was extremely discoloured and black due to the manganese which is often associated with iron laden bore water.  


We also decided to clean the household distribution pipework to remove as much iron manganese sludge which will have built up over the years of not having an efficient water treatment installation in place.


It goes without saying how incredibly pleased our client is with the installation and water quality after so many years of suffering atrocious water.  He commented that the water had never been as good.


If you have a well or borehole water supply that is not functioning correctly or suffering from poor water quality, then please contact us for further assistance.

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