Pump and Water Treatment Filter Maintenance

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We can’t stress enough how important it is to have regular servicing and maintenance carried out on your well, borehole and water treatment equipment. 


Preventative measures will undoubtedly prolong the life of your equipment and ensure that your water supply is available to you. Most water supply and treatment equipment is hidden out of sight and we simply heed little or no attention to how important it really is until something goes wrong.  Its the old adage "out of site and out of mind" and often overlooked.


A classic example is; we attended an emergency breakdown a few weeks ago on a site where they have a borehole, Shakesby Iron Filter and naturally the borehole equipment.  It must have easily been more than 8 years since we last attended site and as you can imagine the equipment was in a very sorry state. 


The Shakesby filter bed was completely choked with a thick iron sludge which clearly indicated that the ironfilter had not been backwashing correctly for some considerable time.  Unfortunately all the household internal plumbing including the hot water cylinder was also choked with a thick iron sludge.  The problem with iron is that it is so insidious that it may not become apparent until there is a hiccup in the water supply, for example a power cut, or extra demands on the system.  The result is a drastically substandard water quality combined with a lack of pressure and flow. 


This required us having to extract the borehole submersible pump which was also heavily choked with this thick iron sludge, the output had diminished by half making the system very inefficient and unreliable.  The lack of pressure meant that the pump was using twice as much electricity as it struggled to keep pace with the demand.  Unfortunately for the client this meant having to install a new borehole submersible pump an unwelcomed expense.


The Shakesby Iron Filter required complete stripping down, replacing vital components which had become damaged and a new SIRM filter bed.


Regular maintenance should ensure that any problems are nipped in the bud before they are allowed to compound and become an expensive exercise.

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