New Borehole Drilled for Garden Centre

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The Walled Garden Suffolk ECP Group

New Borehole Water Supply for Irrigation Purposes


We were contacted by the Walled Garden Benhall a local garden centre that specialise in the production of a spectacular range of quality perennials for horticultural use, primarily to produce that perfect English Country Garden that we all so desire.  Visit their website and see yourselves the wonderful range of plants they have on offer.  Our client was interested in a borehole water supply to provide water for their irrigation needs.


After carrying our an appraisal of the ground conditions and obtaining details of other wells and boreholes in the area, we were able to establish that a 4" borehole drilled into the sands and gravels aquifer would provide an abundant supply for their irrigation requirements.  In Benhall the sands and gravel catchment area is enormous going from Woodbridge, to Orford, Aldeburgh and up to Blyborough.  Having your own borehole is the ultimate rainwater harvesting system.


Drilling of the bore proceeded without a hitch, although due to heavy rainfall at that time ground conditions were rather boggy.  Once Finished Borehole The Walled Garden Suffolkwe had reached to depth we installed a test borehole submersible pump and pumped the bore to waste developing and cleaning the bore.  The new borehole produced an excellent flow in excess of 770gph with a pumping water level only depressing 1m.


We then installed a new Espa ES4 1ph borehole submersible pump with Tank Control via Electrodes ECP Group Ipswich Suffolknecessary control equipment  which pumps directly into an existing holding tank.  The bore pump is controlled via a Hydrostat, so that as our client draws off water around the site, the bore pump cuts in and out automatically with tank electrodes, ensuring the tank is kept topped up at all times.


As the borehole supply is used solely for irrigation of the the garden centre, no form of water treatment was required.


If you are interested in having your own private water supply either for household and / or garden irrigation, then please contact us for further assistance.  Remember that legally one can abstract up to 4400gpd (20,000 litres) without the need of applying for an abstraction license.

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