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Hedge Watering Systems with pressure compensated pipeHedge Watering Systems


A garden hedge can be a wonderful sight to behold if properly cared for and irrigation regularly carried out.  We use and offer hedge watering systems which are really easy to install and take away the hassle of manually having to remember to irrigate your hedges.


Another very important factor to consider is when and how to prune. Hedge Watering Systems Pressure Compensated Drip Pipe Many gardeners often make the mistake to constantly trimming hedges in an attempt to keep them looking tidy and to control their growth, however, this is not the best course of action.  Trimming of deciduous hedges should be carried out annually in the winter months, evergreen hedges in the Spring.  You may find this guide helpful from the Royal Horticultural Society Hedge Pruning Times.  


So when it comes to hedge watering we would recommend using pressure compensated hedge watering pipe.  Our hedge watering systems can be run up to a distance of 100m and have drippers pre inserted into the pipe spaced at 50cm intervals.  Due to the design of the pressure compensated hedge watering pipe, it allows for low pressure loss down the line, with the drippers automatically adjusting to suite.  The hedge watering pipe should be laid above ground near the root of the hedge and pegged down into place.  


The hedge watering system can be made fully automated with the installation of timers and controllers so you can install and forget.  Use our 16mm fittings for creating bends and connecting sections to design a hedge watering system to your own specific requirements.  


It is vitally important to ensure that you have in place an adequate hedge watering irrigation system, before lashing out and spending your hard earned money on expensive plants.  Often we are contacted as a matter of urgency as customers suddenly realise that their recently planted hedge line is dying due to lack of water.  If you are uncertain of your requirements then simply contact us and we will be pleased to assist you with purchasing an ideal hedge watering system. 

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