Leaky Pipe Porous Irrigation Hose

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Leaky Pipe the genuine porous irrigation hose Leaky Pipe The Genuine Porous Irrigation Hose


We supply and install the genuine Leaky Pipe porous drip pipe for drip irrigation systems.  Leaky Pipe is the ideal choice for all horticultural trickle irrigation applications from watering of flower beds, borders, vegetable gardens and so much more.  


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We have tested other cheaper alternative porous irrigation hose and have found these to be ineffective and unreliable.  Leaky pipe in our opinion is simply the best porous hose on the market.  We have found that the maximum life use of the Leaky Pipe is 5 years or more if used and installed correctly.  It may prove slightly more expensive however, the initial capital investment is easily recovered.


We would recommend that the each physical length of Leaky Pipe should not exceed 50m in length, however you are able to run off multiple lengths using 16mm supply pipe.  Using 12mm fittings for creating bends, circles etc. and interlinking these with 16mm supply pipe, so that water is targeted directly where required.


We would recommend that Leaky Pipe porous irrigation hose is used in areas which require minimum ground maintenance so as to avoid damaging the Leaky Pipe with spades and garden forks etc.  If however the Leaky Pipe is inadvertently damaged then simply cut off the damaged part and repair with a new section utilising 12mm connectors.


One very important factor to take into consideration is the simple fact that Leaky Pipe is not affected by frost or water freezing solid inside the hose.  However, any valves or controllers used will require draining down to avoid frost damage.


Leaky Pipe works best if covered with a light mulch so as to protect it from sun damage, in doing so this protects the surface which otherwise can become hard and brittle.  Soil will not block the leaky pipe as the water is trickling through and keeping the pores open.  Hard water however, can cause some form of blockage as with all trickle irrigation systems.  We often will install some form of pre-filter treatment, however, gently stretching the leaky hose and rubbing over with a garden glove will sometimes release the calcium salts that build up on the surface.


Leaky pipe can also be used for hedge watering and orchard watering, however we have dedicated irrigation systems for this, please check out our store pages for further details. 



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