Water Treatment Filters for Borehole Private Water Supply

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Water Treatment Filters for Borehole Private Water Supply


We were initially contacted by our client to service their borehole submersible pump and water treatment filters, which had been installed by a competitor company.  They were completely dissatisfied with the water quality especially from a Culligan 3 stage media filtration unit.  The old system was complicated and inefficient requiring constant attention.  It utilised a small compressor to inject air and a chlorine dosing pump which the client had the hassle of constant monitoring and adjusting.  To make matters worse despite the numerous filters in place, bacteria was still making its way into the final treated water supply and the iron filter did not work.


We therefore removed all filters and stripped out the old pipework connections and replaced them with:


A Shakesby ET1354 Iron and Manganese removal filter to treat the iron problem. 


A Hague Maximizer 700 water conditioner softener to treat the water hardness and which also has the capability of treating iron up to 10ppm. 


A Saphir 3 Ultraviolet Water Disinfection system with 5 micron sediment pre-filter, to treat the bacteria problem.


Finally a Morion Reverse Osmosis Drinking water system to treating the cold drinking water supply.


The above filters only require annual maintenance replacing all consumable components, with the exception of the Hague Maximizer 700 which requires minimal topping up with salt, as we believe they are the most efficient conditioner / softener on the market today.


All in all, our client is extremely happy with the outcome as it has removed the muddled pipework with multitude of filters and been replaced with a simple water treatment system that will provide many years trouble free service.


Should you have a water treatment problem then contact us for further assistance, we would be pleased to carry out a free no obligation site visit/survey and provide you with an estimate for a suitable water treatment system.  Our years of expertise constantly scouring the market for top quality equipment, will guarantee that you have a system that is built to last.


We also service all other makes of water treatment filters so please contact us we would be only too pleased to help.

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