Cellar Drainage Problems

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Cellar Drainage Sump ECP Group Ipswich Suffolk East AngliaCellar Drainage Problems


Initial Enquiry:   We were first contacted by our client a few months ago as they had a problem with water ingress in their cellar.  After exhaustive tests with the local water authority we were called in to help determine the source of water and provide a possible remedy. 


Through our past experiences, together with studying Hydrogeological maps and our comprehensive well and borehole records, we were able to determine that the source of the water was naturally occurring ground water and not from underground mains leakage. 


It is a natural phenomenon for ground water to suddenly appear or break though in areas which previously have been dry due to changing ground conditions.  The recent droughts followed by periods of heavy rain can have profound effects as was the case on this project.


Works carried out:  After carrying out a site visit I came up with a solution whereby we were able to dewater the cellar externally and install a top quality automatic drainage submersible pump which as the name implies automatically cuts in and out when required as the water level rises and falls.


This was quite a tricky project as below ground it was like spaghetti junction with various salt glazed distribution pipes, steel underground mains, sewage pipes and the roots of a thriving Wisteria tree tangled around the pipework.  Our client gave us permission to cut back the tree, but as we are also irrigation engineers the idea of destroying a living plant did no bode well with us.  I am pleased to say that we were able to work around this problem and both the Wisteria and cellar problem have been resolved.

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