Combination Compound Water Meter Installation

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Combination Compound Water Meter ECP Group Royal Hospital SchoolCombination Compound Water Meter Installation

We were recently contacted by the prestigious Royal Hospital School in Holbrook, as they required having a 6inch water meter installed on the water supply outlet from the 30 metre high water tower.  The purpose being so that they could monitor their water usage, linking the meter readout, onto their computerised software program. 

My initial site visit revealed that the pipework was extremely corroded and leaking, therefore it was necessary to replace the 6inch steel pipework with 160mm HDPE (plastic) pipe.  The complete project was rather challenging as the pipework was below ground housed within a service tunnel and on an incline. 

The type of meter we fitted is called a combination or compound water meter specially designed for variable flows, which in affect is two meters in one.  When a small amount of water is being used the water passes through a small meter and at a predetermined high flow automatically switches over to a larger meter.  Both meters were specially equipped with pulsed readouts enabling them to be connected to the school’s software program.

After a great deal of thought and planning, the project was successfully accomplished without a hitch having taken into consideration every possible outcome including Murphy’s Law.  As this is the schools main water supply once we had started we were committed to proceed until the project was finished. 

If you have a requirement for the supply or installation of any type of water meters, including pipework alterations please contact us for assistance.   

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