New Well Sunk at Ipswich Town Football Club

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Well Sinking Ipswich Town Football Club by ECP Group of Ipswich SuffolkNew Well At Ipswich Town Football Club


We have completed the sinking of a new well at Ipswich Town Football Club which will be used for irrigation of their lush green match pitch.  We now have to construct the well chamber and complete the pump installation, which will connect the supply to their irrigation holding tanks.  They currently obtain their water from the mains which of course is expensive and a waste of treated drinking water.  It is by far more environmentally friendly to tap into the natural ground water to meet their daily requirements.  As we have often said you are able abstract up to 20m3 (4400 gallons) per day without an abstraction license.


We carried out a survey of the ground strata which indicated that the water level was only 1m down from ground level into sands and gravel and this is the strata which we proposed tapping into.  Years ago a borehole had been drilled at the nearby old cattle market now a car park directly opposite the Cobbold Stand.   This borehole was drilled 45m deep through sands and gravel into the chalk with a rest water level of 1.5m.  We therefore decided a 3m deep well would be the most cost effective method to provide a water supply. 


Once we commenced the well sinking we were extremely surprised to come across London Clay 2.5m down and had no other option but to drill through the London Clay into the chalk. 


We have yet to complete the final pump test, but anticipate that the well will yield approximately 1.5m3/h.




We are pleased to announce that the well is yielding approximately 2m3/h (2000 litres per hour).  This is the prefect quantity to suite their irrigation requirements. 


We installed a stainless steel self-priming jet pump Delta 505, this particular pump is ideal for drawing water from shallow wells or boreholes.  The Delta 505 can produce flow and pressure equal to or better than the mains.  As the pump is fully automatic installed with a pressure switch and 25 litre pressure vessel, when their main irrigation pump starts up the Delta 505 will keep the irrigation holding tank topped up.  A delayed action ball valve was fitted in the irrigation holding tank, to prevent the well pump from cycling. 


Cycling is a term we use in the pumping industry to describe frequent stop starting of a pump.  Heavy cycling will cause a pump to burn out and also consume more electricity.


As Ipswich Town Football Club is a responsible organisation, they have approved our recommendation to have a DaRo Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System installed, which will eradicate and prevent bacteria build up with the irrigation spray. 


The well top is finished flush with the ground with the only obvious indication of a structure below ground being a green lid valve box, which blends in beautifully with their artificial practice pitch.

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