Well and Borehole Refurbishment in Norfolk

Posted by Josie 30/04/2016 1 Comment(s)

Original Inefficient Triplex Iron FilterWell and Borehole Reinstatement in Norfolk

We were first contacted by our client requesting a price for a new borehole as their well supply was no longer adequate for their requirements.  The property was undergoing major modifications and they required two complete independent water supplies.


My initial site visit revealed that they had a well with a bore in the bottom and the water quality was high in iron.  After carrying various feasibility studies I devised a method of utilising the existing borehole and updating the filtration equipment.


We discovered an old Triplex iron removal system which was not functioning correctly and which sadly had resulted in our client Shakesby EB1354 Iron Removal Filter ECP Group Ipswich Suffolk East Angliahaving suffered for numerous years with poor water quality.  The Triplex system relies a series of units (3) which initially work well when first installed, however relatively quickly deteriorate, requiring constant servicing and attention with the frequency of servicing increasing dramatically.


Our first task was to remove the submersible pump from the bore and the old steel well cover and support bearers.   We then installed two quantity 3” slim line 1hp Micra borehole submersible pumps in the bore which would supply both properties.  We then constructed a new raised well top which prevents the ingress of surface water into the well/borehole.


All the old filtration equipment was removed and new filters installed.


Two quantity Shakesby EB1354 iron filters one for each property.


One quantity Saphir Ultraviolet Water Disinfection system with a 10” 5 micron sediment pre-filter kit


We were able to service and reutilise the existing 30/3P UV filter, however with a new sediment cartridge so that both properties now have their own independent UV filters.


It was necessary to replace the existing faulty pressure vessel and install two quantity 200 litre pressure vessels.


Modifications were carried out to the pipework in the loft separating the supplies so that now both properties have a complete independent water supply with dedicated filtration equipment.


Our client is extremely pleased with the works we have completed and now enjoys wonderfully clean pure water with flow and pressure equal to or better than the mains.


If you have a well or borehole that you wish to put back into use then please contact us for a site visit where we will be pleased to discuss the various options available to you.  


1 Comment(s)

Rosemary Raymond:
05/07/2017, 10:47:58 AM

we are looking to replace the pump in the bore hole do you cover Suffolk Rose

Josie Dalzell:
20/11/2017, 01:57:06 PM

Hi Rosemary So sorry for the late response but we have not been receiving notifications that comments have been left. We are currently looking into this. I have emailed your directly and hope we can still be of service. Best regards Josie

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