Water Treatment Filters by ECP Group

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Water Treatment Filters by ECP Group

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Although the water we drink may look clean and clear it may not always be what it appears.  Groundwater from wells and boreholes in its natural state is generally of excellent quality, as the rocks act as a natural filter bed.  However, as the water percolates through the ground into the aquifer the dissolution of minerals continues to increase and in some instances resulting in high concentrations of bacteria, nitrates, pesticides, iron, manganese, calcium and other minerals, hence the need for water softeners and water treatment filters to eliminate these impurities.


Water supplies fall into two main categories: Mains Water which is supplied by a local water undertaker such as Anglian Water and Private Water Supplies which are supplied by a well, borehole, stream, river or lake on your property.  


We therefore have selected a comprehensive range of high quality water filters, water softeners, and equipment to treat specific problem areas such as: hard water, chlorine reduction, taste, odour, nitrate reduction, pH correction, bacteria removal, iron and manganese and so much more. For instance, our Shakesby iron removal filters are specifically designed to detect and remove iron impurities from your water, while the DaRo UV filters deactivate and destroy the bacteria’s DNA making it inert and unable to cause infection.



Private Water Supplies

If you have a private water supply, well or borehole, it will be necessary to provide us with a current up to date water analysis detailing the chemical and bacteriological content together with details of your pumping equipment, so that we can select the most efficient filter/s for your system which will meet current water regulations. Our Morion RO filters have proven to be effective in improving the odour, appearance and taste of drinking water, as well as pollutants that may have sneaked in.


In the event that you do not have a current up to date water analysis we would be pleased to attend site, take samples, carry out a small survey of your existing pumping / water treatment equipment and then interpret the results and submit our recommendations.


Mains Water Supplies

One of the major concerns with mains water is water hardness, which results in the build-up of lime scale in copper distribution pipework, boilers, washing machines, dishwashers, laundry and ugly scum around the taps and shower cabinets.  This can easily be treated with the installation of our water softeners.


We are agents for The Hague Water Softener/Conditioner.  With its patented high efficiency design, it uses less salt, water and time when compared to other conventional softeners.  Please view our water softener section for full details.


The second most important concern, is the chlorine, taste and odour as a result of the extensive water treatment process it undergoes.  This can easily be addressed with the installation of a Morion Reverse Osmosis drinking water filters, or single point of use carbon filter on the drinking water supply.  We also offer a complete whole house carbon filter for the removal of chlorine and odour in addition to UV filters that target bacteria and other microbes.


The Main Concerns with Water Supplies

Hardness and lime scale – install a Water Softener Conditioner – or a Water King Electronic Conditioner which removes limescale and softens the water.


Unpleasant taste and odour – install a Morion RO filters or POU carbon filter, removes chlorine, lead and other heavy metals.


Bacteria – install a Saphir Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System. The DaRo Saphir UV filter destroys bacteria providing a bacteria free water supply.


Iron and Manganese – for server problems install a Shakesby Iron Removal Filter, these are the most effective iron and manganese removal filters on the market today.  In some instances the Hague Water Softeners /Conditioner will reduce iron up to 10ppm.


Aggressive or acidic water with a low pH – install a pH correction filter, the tell tale signs are the formation of green or blue stains around plug holes and taps due to the acidic water attacking the copper pipework and hot water cylinders referred to as Cuprosolvency.


Nitrates, Pesticides and other Heavy Metals – install a Morion Reverse Osmosis filter on the drinking water supply, the Aquaphor Reverse Osmosis drinking purification system reduces most contaminants from the drinking water supply.


Turbid Discoloured Water – install a self-back-washing turbidity filter with special media, please contact us for further details.


We have many types of water filters to treat all types of filtration problems, please contact us with your requests and we will do our utmost to select a filter that will treat your specific water treatment requirements.


We have been providing our services since 1988, our service area covers the whole of East Anglia.  We have clients in Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and even up in Lincoln and down in Sussex.   However, if you wish to simply purchase equipment for self-installation, we would be pleased to offer our advice and telephone assistance nationwide.


Please click on the above links for further information, alternatively if you are uncertain of what you require please contact us for discrete friendly specialist assistance.

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