Hague Water Softener Conditioner

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The Hague System is a complete house water treatment softener conditior designed to provide sparkling soft great tasting water for your home.  Its patened high efficiency design means you will use less salt, water and time when compared to other conventional water softeners.


The Hague Watermax and Maximizer are one of the most efficient and reliable water treatment systems on the domestic market today backed with the Hague Water Quality which offers a truly innovative water treatment technology.  It incorporates a built-in self cleaning filter which removes 


sediment and dirt down to 20 microns and requires no cartridge Water Softeners Ipswich Suffolk Essex ECP Groupchange or maintenance.  It even has the ability to reduce ferrous iron upto 10ppm due to the patented mineral tank.

The Hague Maximizer 410 is designed to fit under a kitchen cabinet and is ideal for small to medium sized familes.


The Hauge Maximizer 700 is larger, will not fit under a kitchen cabinet without some degree of modifications to the furniture.  This unit is ideal for larger families or for exceptionally hard water areas.


The Hauge WaterMax is ideal for whole house water treatment of mains, well or borehole water supplies.  There are 3 types of WaterMax units specifically designed to treat and tackle different water quality problems.​Hague Water Softeners Ipswich Suffolk Essex ECP Group


All products are manufactuered in the United States under stringent testing facilities so you are guaranteed of a water treatment system that is built to last.  Hague products are covered by a 10 year and 25 year limited warranty for peace of mind, a testament to their reliability.  


Hague Water Treatment Systems require commissioning and installation by an authorised dealer / installer like ECP Group, please contact us for further advice and assistance.


Our service area covers the whole of East Anglia including, Ipswich, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, parts of Lincolnshire and Sussex.

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