PressureWave Challenger Pressure Vessels

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PressueWave Challenger Pressure Vessels ECP Group East AngliaIn our industry we rely on pressure vessels in many of our installations as a method of controlling the pump.  Over the years we have tried out many makes such as Cimm, Zilmet, Varem to name but a few and came to realise that the PressureWave Challenger pressure vessels are simply in our opinion the most reliable.


Although more expense they are worth paying the extra, as they offer a reliable working life which is backed up by their 5 year warranty.  


We have had had many pumps fail prematurely due to faulty pressure vessels which cause repeated cycling of the pump (rapid start stopping), eventually causing the pumps to burn out.  Naturally clients became very frustrated with this as did we and therefore now only use the Challenger units.


The Challenger range of pressure vessels are ideally suited for a wide range of pressure boosting applications, including water supply,  irrigation systems and hydraulic water hammer arresting.  


They are a patented design which utilise a 100% butyl diaphragm co-polymer propylene liners offering superior air and water separation in a true non-corrosive chamber.


One of the major problems we found with other makes of pressure vessels, is that when the rubber bladder would split, water would pass into the air sections and cause rapid corrosion, as surprisingly the internal surfaces are bare metal.  They offered replaceable bladders which in our opinion is a gimmick, as the corroded rough surface would very soon cause failure of the replaced bladder as the two surfaces came into contact with each other. 


The PressureWave Challenger pressure vessels are a WRAS approved product making them ideal for potable drinking water applications.

The manufacture also boosts that they require no maintenance, however, whenever we carry out a service we will still always check that the air pressure is at the correct settings. 

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