Which Irrigation System Should I Be Using?

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Garden Irrigation Systems - So Much Choice and Which Irrigation System Should I Be Using?


Over the years we have expanded our product range from a few items to the extensive range available today, concentrating on keeping it simple and thereby making it easier for the DIY enthusiast.


If you are uncertain what equipment you require, then simply send us a plan of your garden and we'll work out what you need, it really couldn't be any easier.  It does not have to be an elaborate plan; a simple hand drawn sketch will suffice showing dimensions and areas to be irrigated.  Remember to highlight where the incoming mains is and the nearest electrical sockets.  We will then design an irrigation system that will meet with your irrigation needs.  


Firstly it is vitally important to establish that the water pressure on site is neither too low, nor too high for the irrigation system to function correctly.  You can visit a local DIY store and purchase a mains water pressure test gauge, or alternatively read our guide on how to establish what water pressure you have on site.  We can then supply the necessary fittings to either decrease or increase the water pressure.


Drip Irrigation ECP Group Garden Systems Ipswich Suffolk UKDrip for Beds and Borders

The simplest and most efficient method of effectively watering your shrubs, beds and flower borders.  No wasted water, low humidity, fewer weeds and discrete.  Choose from leaky porous pipe, drip pipe and sprayers.  Install with controller for a fully automatic system.






Drip Irrigation for Containers ECP Group Garden Systems Ipswich Suffolk UKDrip for Containers

The only effective way of getting water to the heart of the problem with fixed and adjustable outputs. Ideal for hanging baskets, pots and all other containers used for planting.  Install with a controller for a fully automatic system.






Pop Up Sprinklers ECP Group Garden Systems Ipswich Suffolk UK

Pop Up Sprinklers

Install and forget, mainly for lawns but borders can be incorporated.  So discrete and be amazed as from no where the sprinklers appear and water the lawn.  Far more efficient than movable sprinklers and ideal for automatic irrigation.








Garden Sprinklers ECP Group Garden Systems Ipswich Suffolk UK


A vast range of sprinklers to cover every eventuality; from mini sprinklers, Hozelock equivalents, Gardena, micro sprinklers, oscillators and brass sprinklers.  Produce fine spray mist ideal for densely and established borders.  A device for every situation and for every budget.






Greenhouse and Polytunnel Watering ECP Group Garden Systems Ipswich Suffolk UKGreenhouse and Polytunnel Watering

Everything you need to enhance your greenhouse and polytunnel to ensure regular watering to maximise your yields.  Choose from bench water, overhead sprayers and misters.






Rainwater Harvesting ECP Group Garden SystemsRainwater Harvesting Recycling


Do not let valuable resources go to waste, ideal for recycling of rainwater for the home and garden.  An array of devices to collect rain water from down pipes, simple to install and maintain.





Irrigation Control Equipment ECP Group Garden Systems Ipswich Suffolk UK

Control Equipment

To maximise your irrigation system's efficiency, watering should be regular and sufficient.  With these devises you will never forget to switch the water on or off and can discreetly be done whilst you sleep.  Battery, clockwork and mains operated.  If you are unsure which control is best for you contact us for further advice.









Plant Controlled Irrigation ECP Group Garden Systems Ipswich Suffolk UKPlant Controlled Irrigation

We love these devices as they provide plants with the precise quantity of water required.

They require no electricity or batteries, as the compost dries out more water is applied. Can be set up for extended periods with a suitable water reservoir.




We have produced a variety of garden watering assembly plans which you may find useful.


All enquiries are genuinely welcome so please don’t hesitate to contact us, from a simple fitting to a more extensive package.

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