How Long Should I Run My Irrigation System For?

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How Long Should I Run My Irrigation System For?


Over watering can cause devastation to your plants and crops, as can under watering.  We are able to give you guide times, but it is extremely important that you familiarise yourself with your irrigation system and adjust the running times and frequencies to suit.  

When checking the moisture content of the soil, especially with drip irrigation, it is important that you look under the surface and away from the drip pipe.  At a distance of 50cm moisture can be 15-20cm down, prefect for roots.


The other factor that should be taken into account is your soil type and the condition; the sandier the soil the less moisture it can hold so watering will have to be more frequent and less in quantity.  When using drip lines the water cannot spread so far so the lines will need to be closer together.  It is also important to keep the soil in good condition.  The addition of organic matter will improve the soils ability to retain moisture.  Good structure will also lead to water easily penetrating the soil.  If you have poor soil structure you will have to water more frequently.


Ensure new plants are well watered as this will encourage the roots to search for water and make good contact with the soil.


Drip Irrigation Hanging BasketsHanging Baskets and Containers

These require frequent watering as their water holding capacity is small and water demands high.  It is important that the water does not drip through washing out vital nutrients.  At the start of the season once a day for 5 minutes and then as the season progresses twice a day for 5 minutes each time.  In the hottest period three times a day.  If using adjustable output drippers adjust the output to match the containers water requirements.





Lawn Irrigation Systems by ECP Group, Ipswich, Suffolk Lawns and Grass

Neither of these are going to be rooting deeper than 30cm so it is pointless in apply more water to irrigate deeper.  Water the top 1” section of soil, this will then slowly penetrate down; when the top 12 is dry further water should be applied.  For pop ups we start at once a week for half an hour then twice a week and the most we would recommend is three times a week.  It the driest periods times should be increased accordingly.



Drip Irrigation Systems by ECP Group, Ipswich, Suffolk  Beds and Boarders

Water deeply as flower and shrub roots need to be encouraged down; roots are often found to a depth of 1m.




Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation System by ECP Group, Ipswich, Suffolk  Vegetables

Rather hard to accurately predict; this is dependent on what you are growing and at what stage the crop is at.  For drip, less time than beds and boarders and at a greater frequency, as you do not need to water so deeply.  For mini sprinklers water every 2nd day for 20 minutes.




Hedge and Tree Watering Systems by ECP Group, Ipswich, Suffolk  Trees and Hedges

Water deeply to encourage roots down for 4-6 hours once a week and only start watering mature trees and hedges when it starts to get very dry.  When young, irrigate more frequently twice a week for an hour or so.

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