Blocked Submersible Pump Strainer

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blocked submersible pump strainer taken from recent service by ECP GroupThe Importance of Regular Servicing of Well or Borehole Pump Installations

We are often asked how often should I have my well or borehole submersible pump serviced.  Well basically, (excuse the pun) we would recommend that this is carried out at least every 2 or 3 years, otherwise this is what can happen, please see photo opposite.  


This photo is showing the pump strainer being completely blocked with weeds and as a result it burnt out the pump motor.  The client had noticed a drop off in flow and pressure, but assumed this was down to the well yield having dropped off.  


We called to site, extracted the pump to find not only the strainer choked with weeds, but in addition the pump check valve was jammed open with a tightly knit ball of weeds.  Unfortunately the pump was non viable for repair and the client had to endure the expense of having a new submersible pump installed.


This photo opposite is again showing a submersible pump strainer blocked, however, on this occasion with a thick iron sludge.  iron sludge blocking submersible pump strainer taken from a service carried out by ECP Group

We were called to site, as the client had reported a drop in flow and pressure from the borehole water supply.  We extracted the bore pump to find the strainer and all internal components blocked with a thick gelatinous iron sludge.  Once again the pump motor was down to earth (burnt out) and it was necessary to install a new borehole submersible pump.


Of course not only will the pump suffer irreparable damage, the rising main if steel will corrode and which may result in the pump falling off down the bore.  We have fished out many pumps which have fallen off which can run into a real risk of rendering the borehole out of action, thereby causing disruption to livestock, household supplies and so forth.


If you have a problem with reduced flow from you well or borehole, it more than likely is a problem with some form of blockage and should be investigated sooner rather later before the situation becomes urgent or critical.

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