Borehole Drilled in Brent Eleigh

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Borehole Drilling ECP Group, Ipswich, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, East-AngliaDrilling of a new domestic borehole in Brent Eleigh Suffolk with excellent results.  We were first contacted by our client as they were in the process of purchasing a property that had a shared water supply and they wanted to be totally independent.  Quite often consideration may be given to connecting the property onto the mains.  In this instance this would have proven to be extremely expensive and so our client opted for having a new borehole drilled.

We drilled the new borehole down to 53m tapping into the sands and gravels resting on the chalk.  Once the special perforated bore liner was installed and gravel packed, we developed the borehole eventually increasing the yield to in excess of 600gph.  We installed a test pump with an output greater than our client would ever require and pumping at this high flow rate, the water level only depressed (dropped) just over a metre, this indicates that the borehole could be yielding in excess of 1000gph.

Water samples were taken and submitted to the laboratory; however as was suspected for this area, the presence of iron in the water was confirmed by a simple taste and odour test.  As this had been anticipated, the next stage will be to install a Shakesby Iron Removal Filter.  Through our vast experience we also know the water is going to be hard and will be installing a Hague Maximizer 400 water conditioner / softener.

One of the many advantages of a private water supply is the absence of chlorine which is added to mains water as a disinfectant.  As Water Treatment Equipment, ECP Group, Ipswich, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, East-Angliawith all private domestic water supplies we would always recommend the installation of a Saphir Ultraviolet Water Disinfection system.  This type of filter uses Ultraviolet technology, a proven method of destroying the presence of any bacteria and viruses that may be present in the water supply.  Ultraviolet technology does not rely on the use of chlorine or other chemicals with resulting harmful bi-products being left behind.

As the property is in a rural location with the possibility of nitrate and pesticides, we will also be installing a Morion Reverse Osmosis drinking water system, which produces ultra-pure drinking and cooking water.

We are extremely confident that our client will be ecstatic with these results and enjoy the benefits of a private water supply for both the household and garden use.  Remember as we have repeatedly mentioned, amazingly you are legally permitted to abstract 20m3 (4400g) per day without apply for an abstraction license.  

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