Well Refurbishment and Water Treatment Filters

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Water Supply Improvements, ECP Group, Ipswich, Suffolk, Essex, East Anglia, CambridgeshireWe have recently completed another project on a private well supply for an equestrian centre which also supplies the household for domestic use.  Having previously carried out a service on their pumping equipment a few weeks back, it came to light that it was necessary to improve the yield and install appropriate water treatment equipment.


We were able to improve the yield by utilising our own established procedures, but can’t give away too much as it is a trade secret!  Our client had been experiencing a lack of water with the pump cutting out on the Hydrostat at frequent intervals and emptying the well.  We successfully managed to improve the yield and they are now able to run the pump continuously to meet with their daily water demands.


The area around the well was tidied up fitting a new concrete manhole cover slab, now making it totally safe, as one is unable to lift off the cover without the use of manhole keys.


We installed a Hague 400 Water Softener Conditioner as previously the hard water was causing a nuisance with scale deposits building up inside a large expensive overhead shower that requires high pressure to operate, together with the distribution pipework, boiler, heating system and domestic appliances. 


As a drinking water supply is required we installed an Aquaphor Morion Reverse Osmosis System which not only removes the sodium, but also treats other contaminants such as Nitrates, Pesticides, Lead, Copper and so much more.  The Aquaphor Morion Drinking Water System incorporates a remineralisation cartridge which puts back essential minerals removed by traditional RO filters making for a better tasting and wholesome drinking water supply.


We finally installed a Saphir 3 Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System which destroys bacteria and viruses that might be present.  The Saphir 3 system is suitably sized to treat all the household water supply.


Both the Morion RO and Saphir UV filters require annual servicing replacing all consumable components.  We are pleased to offer a service whereby we will remind you when your equipment requires servicing, so please contact us for further details.

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