Borehole and Pump Servicing

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Borehole and Pump Servicing


Out of site and out of mind, nothing rings more true than with borehole and borehole pump servicing.  Often all you will see is a bore cover plate, a pipe and an electric cable.  Amazingly some clients are totally unaware that a borehole is present supplying their water needs anywhere from 5’ to 500’ below ground!


As with all mechanical or electrical equipment, regular servicing is essential to ensure a reliable water supply. 


ECP Group specialise in well and borehole water supplies, from drilling and sinking, to maintenance, servicing, pumps, water treatment and control equipment.  Without exaggeration we are daily working on boreholes and sometimes up to 5 supplies per day.  We offer an excellent breakdown service however it is always good practice and sensible to have regular maintenance rather than waiting for a break down to occur and which will then become an emergency.


If your borehole pump is installed on a steel rising main, you run the risk of the pump falling off due to pipework corrosion.  Fortunately we specialise in fishing pumps out, however it always better to reduce this risk by regular servicing.


Your borehole will most likely have a borehole submersible pump which incredibly operates under water pushing the water up through the rising main.  The rising main is dual purpose; it is not only supporting the weight of the pump, but also the conduit by which water is guided up to the surface.  This rising main also has to overcome the additional pressures at ground level; for example if the pump is cutting out at 4 bar it is equal to another 40m in depth or pressure.  An electric cable will also be attached to the submersible pump by a water proof joint, which often suffers with problems of chaffing against the borehole casing and the submersible pump, with the likelihood of an electrical failure. 


So there you have it and hopefully you will understand why it is essential to have regular maintenance and servicing of your borehole and borehole pumping equipment.

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