Water King Electronic Water Softener

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Water King Electronic Water Softener is the ideal solution for those of you not wishing to go to the expense of having a traditional water softener installed for the reduction and removal of limescale.  We have nits to suit both domestic and commercial applications.

How Does The Water King Work?

The Water King basically induces electro magnetic signals into the water through special aerials which are wrapped around the copper pipework.  These controlled signals are programmed by a micro chip which interacts with the dissolved salts present in hard water causing the formation of sub-microscopic clusters which bind together holding the hardness in suspension and not allowing scale to deposit though the pipework system.

Where Should I Position the Water King?

Water King Electronic Conditioner Ipswich Suffolk Essex ECP Group

For domestic plumbing systems a Water King installed on the incoming mains will provide adequate protection.

On unvented water systems where a combi boiler is used, and there is no hot water cylinder, (See Fig 1). If only the boiler needs protection from scale, locate the Water-King within 2 metres of it. This also applies to a hot water cylinder under mains pressure. Only the cold supply pipe should be treated.

Water King Electronic Water Conditioner Ipswich Suffolk ECP GroupOn Vented Hot Water Systems with Cold Water Storage Tanks
Treated water delivered to a cold water storage tank will lose the effect of the treatment and for this reason water is best treated after a storage tank. 

We recommend two Water-King units are fitted; one on the main inlet to the house (rising main) and one on the cold pipe that runs from the cold storage tank into the bottom of the hot cylinder (cold down service). (See Fig 2).

If you decide to fit only a single unit, then you will get best value from it by fitting it on the cold down service. The signal is transmitted through the water and will treat all the water in the storage tank above it. If you have copper pipes that are cross bonded to the rising main, the taps fed from it should be adequately treated as well.

A single unit fitted on a copper rising main can give a satisfactory result.

Plumbing, Pipe Composition and Power Requirements

Each aerial requires 6cm run of straight pipe.  The aerials can be fitted to pipes of any material expect lead, however function best when attached to copper pipes.  

Mains voltage is required within one meter of the unit and the unit should be fitted within 45cm of the pipe being treated.

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