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We are fortunate in the UK to live where there is an abundant source of groundwater; this source is called an aquifer and there may be up to 2 or 3 aquifers present at any particular location.  Traditional hand sunk wells are normally tapped into the first aquifer, which although a plentiful supply is liable to surface contamination.  We are now noticing that the next aquifer ​down is also being contaminated, which could be the chalk or sandstone aquifer.  This is the reason why we are always recommending the installation of an Ultraviolet Water Disinfection system (UV), for example the Saphir range.  


UV disinfection sterilises the water by natural means without the use of harmful chemicals and creates no residual by products in the water.  UV disinfection does not impart any taste, odour or affect the clarity of the water.


UV water treatment systems function by water flowing through a reactor contact chamber that contains a UV germicidal lamp, enclosed within a transparent quartz sleeve.  As the water passes through the chamber and past the UV light, the light will instantly destroy any bacteria and micro-organisms that it comes into contact with.  It is essential that the UV unit is installed together with a 5 micron sediment pre-filter preventing any particles from entering the contact chamber.


We are distributors and installers of the DaRo UV Systems Saphir and Saphir+ range of UV water disinfection systems.  The Saphir ECP Group Saphir UV Systems, Ipswich, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridge, East AngliaUltraviolet Disinfection Systems are a quality range of UK built and designed UV systems which are economical in energy running costs and germicidal UV lamp replacement, an important factor in today’s energy conscientious market.  Due to their functional design, the single ended UV lamp also makes servicing a simple task.   


Another important consideration which is often overlooked is maintenance; it is essential that the germicidal lamps together with the 5 micron pre-filter cartridges are changed annually.


For further information or assistance please contact us, we will selected the most suitable filter to meet with your requirements.

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