Borehole Pump Fallen Off Rising Main

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Borehole Submersible Pump Fall of Steel Rising Main ECP Group

Site:  Domestic 6” borehole near Cambridge 54m deep.  This borehole was initially drilled by a company called Lacks originally from Cottenham, who then moved to Sawbridgeworth and which ceased trading several years ago.  We are looking after many of their sites now, in the event that you are an ex-Lacks customer please contact us so that we can gather as much information before it becomes an emergency.


Initial Enquiry: Our client contacted us after a recommendation from a neighbouring property, where we also look after their borehole.  Our client reported they were without water following a long period of problems with the pumping equipment and which he felt had not been operating correctly for some time.  He forwarded photos of the installation and bore chamber and from these we spotted that the pump cable in the bore chamber seemed to be under tension, suggesting that the pump had fallen off the main and was suspended by the cable.  It is very common for borehole submersibles to be suspended on galvanised steel rising main; although initially it is very secure, after a number of years it is susceptible to corrosion and if not maintained the pump can fall off.


Repairs:  We loaded up all likely equipment and attended site.  We warned our engineers that it was probable that the pump was hanging from the electric cable and that all necessary precautions needed to be taken to avoid the pump falling into the bore bottom, which would have resulted in additional expense to the client for us to fish it out.  This type of fault can be extremely dangerous if carried out by untrained persons, as it is possible for the electric cable to become entwined around legs and arms resulting in horrendous and possible fatal consequences.


Whilst removing the pump it confirmed that our suspicions were correct, although we were surprised to find that the rising main was not galvanised steel.  The pump had been suspended on a flexible rising main manufactured by Well Master.  We don’t particularly like this method of installation as after a period of time the Well Master tends to stretch and causes other problems with chaffing of the electric cable.  The incorrect type of coupling had been fitted and had come undone, but luckily the electric cable was still attached and we successfully were able to extract the pump and rising main with extreme care and caution utilising our shear legs and lifting tackle.


We received a lovely thank you email from our client mentioning how happy he was with the services provided and the professional workmanship of our engineers.


Unfortunately the pump was found to be burnt out and it was necessary to install a new 4” borehole submersible pump, on this occasion suspended on 32mm MDPE rising main with the correct couplings.  Various pipework alterations were carried out enabling our client to install the clients pride and joy a Budenberg pressure gauge, which his family business manufactured.

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