FAQ Wells and Boreholes

FAQ Wells and Boreholes

Q. What is the difference between a well or borehole?

Basically how we define the difference is that: typically a borehole is drilled by machine generally being 4 inch in diameter for domestic boreholes and up to 6 or 8 inch for commercial / industrial boreholes.

A well is relatively large in diameter from 3 feet to 4 feet and sometimes wider.  It is usually sunk by hand utilising bricks or concrete rings.

Of course there are machines to sink large diameter wells and there are tools and equipment to drill boreholes by hand, but for all intents and purposes the above description is applicable to the United Kingdom.

Boreholes are generally drilled deeper gaining access to the lower aquifers, whereas wells are generally sunk shallower to gain access to the higher aquifers.

Q. I have decided that I would like a new well or borehole, what information do you require from me?

  1. Name
  2. Property address in full
  3. OS Grid reference use this app for finding out this information
  4. If you have had a site survey carried out then a copy of the report would be useful
  5. If you are interested in having a site survey carried out then please advise us and we will make the necessary applications.  Fees may be applicable and these to be advised.  This is not essential but probably a good idea for difficult ground conditions.
  6. Intended use of water supply
  7. Telephone numbers
  8. Email address

Q. I have found a well or borehole on my property and want to put it back into use, what information do you require from me?

  1. Name
  2. Property address in full
  3. OS Grid reference if available - use this useful app for finding out the information
  4. Depth of well or borehole
  5. Rest water level – measurement from ground level to water level
  6. Depth of water – measurement from water level to bottom of well or borehole
  7. Is there any equipment installed and if so what
  8. Are you able to provide us with a photograph/s as these are always helpful
  9. Intended use of water supply
  10. Telephone numbers
  11. Email address

Once we have the above details to hand we can then carry out necessary research utilising our extensive well and borehole records (a) to pin point any neighbouring wells or boreholes (b) see if your well or borehole is listed for reinstatement.  Then with the aid of our Hydrological maps we can determine the anticipated depth required to drill or sink.

The next stage would be to submit our estimate/quotation for your approval.

Q. How long does the work generally take?

Borehole drilling is usually completed in 2 to 3 days depending on depths required to drill.  Installation of equipment can take anywhere between 1 to 3 days.  Many of our clients prefer to have the work completed in stages, for example drill the borehole first and then complete the installation a few weeks later.  Alternatively we are able to install all equipment upon completion of the drilling works, the preference is entirely yours.

Q. How much will it cost?

Well this is difficult to give a precise cost as it depends entirely on depths drilled and equipment required, but this will be revealed when we submit our estimate/quotation.

Q. Do I require an abstraction licence?

Legally you able to abstract up to 20 cubic meters (4,400 gallons) of water per day from an above or below ground water source, however in excess of this amount you almost certainly will require a licence.  The following link will provide full details Environment Agency Abstraction Licence.

Q. What is the water quality likely to be?

A good general indication is to obtain information from any neighbouring wells or boreholes as your supply would almost likely be of similar quality.  However having said that we have clients with water supplies relatively close to each other and the quality can differ.  We have an idea of the likely water quality expected due to our records but unfortunately until the water has been tested there is no hard fast rule to indicate what the water quality will be, but don't worry if there are any issues with the water quality we  have a range of filters to suit.

Q. Will it cause much disruption / mess?

Borehole drilling can be a messy business, but we try to keep this to a minimum.  We can arrange for a skip to be on site so that any rubble, soil etc. can be disposed of.

Q. Can I use the supply for the house and garden?

Yes you certainly can; if used for the house then we would recommend installing an Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System to ensure a wholesome supply.  If however you intend using the water simply for your garden, then it is highly unlikely that any form of treatment would be required.

Q. Will I need any other equipment?

All of our estimates/quotations include for the supply and installation of all necessary equipment, so simply the price you receive is the end price you will pay.  Of course if any additional works are carried out this will always be discussed and approved prior to proceeding.


If you have any further questions then drop us an email via our contact us form

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