FAQ Water Treatment Filters by Pristine Water

FAQ Water Treatment Filters by Pristine Water

Q. I have a problems with bacteria how can I filter this fromy my water supply?

Normally we would want to investigate the source of the contamination; however the installation of a Saphir Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System will eradicate and destroy any bacteria and viruses in the water supply without the use of harmful chemicals.  It is essential that a pre-filter is fitted before the UV to prevent the ingress of debris passing through the filter and obstructing the UV rays, which destroy the bacteria.

Q. How often does my UV filter need to be serviced?

All Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System must be serviced annually as the life of the germicidal lamp will be ineffective allowing bacteria laden water to be consumed.

Q. My UV Pre-filter keeps blocking up prematurely what can I do?

It is more than likely that the water is very turbid or iron rich; we would suggest that you contact us for further investigative action.  You may need the installation of a Shakesby Iron Removal Filter.

Q. I have a problem with green or bluish staining around my taps, bath and sink?

This would most likely indicate a low pH (acidic water); the staining is from the copper pipework around the home being attacked by the acidic water, this is called cuprosolvency.  The installation of a pH correction filter with pH correction media will address this problem.

Q. How often will my pH filter require servicing?

The pH correction filter is filled with a special pH correction media which overtime slowly dissolves as it comes into contact with the acidic water.  We would recommend that the filter is serviced annually checking the media level.  This can be combined with the servicing of other filters and equipment on site.

Q. I have a problem with lime scale on my shower door and around the home?

The presence of lime scale deposits which can often be seen forming on shower doors, in dishwashers, around taps, stainless steel sinks and unseen in domestic appliances is due to hard water.  In East Anglia the major aquifer of Britain is chalk so it stand to reason why most household suffer the annoying effects of hard water.  The most successful way to address this problem is by the installation of a water softener.  We offer two types, The Nuwave and The Hague.  The Hague is particularly suited to those on a private water supply as it offers an internal self-back washing filter and can be installed with a mixture of different medias. 

Q. I suffer from Eczema and/or Psoriasis I have heard that a water softener can help?

It has long been thought that the installation of a water softener can help relieve the suffering of those with dry skin conditions.  However a survey carried at Nottingham University and released in 2011 revealed that it was inconclusive, please see link Personally we feel that it is beneficial as we all know how unpleasant it is to bathe in hard water and that tight feeling on your skin.  We would certainly not be without our water softeners at home.

Q. I have a private water supply from a borehole/well and I live near a farm, is the water safe to drink?

We would recommend that a water analysis is carried out to determine if there are any contaminants in the supply.  Generally the water is safe; however being in close proximity of agricultural or industrial land there is always the real risk of contaminants entering the aquifer from natural percolation of the water through the ground.  One has to remember that this is the natural method of aquifer recharge and nitrates and pesticides may infiltrate.  Generally these contaminants are diluted as the ground acts as a natural filter bed.

Fortunately ECP Group has many years of experience in selecting and installing the correct units to filter out these contaminants.

Q. I have a problem with Nitrates what filter do I require?

We have a range of Reverse Osmosis filters which can be installed and which will reduce the presence of nitrates, nitrites, pesticides and other heavy metals.  Please view of Reverse Osmosis Filter section from our web store for full details.

Q. I hate the taste of my mains water supply, hot drinks always have a strong chlorine taste, what can I do?

The installation of a chlorine removal filter can be installed with a separate drinking water tap, or it can be fitted to a Tri-flow tap.  For those of you concerned about other contaminants then a Reverse Osmosis filter would be the ideal choice.

Q. How often do these chlorine filters require servicing?

Most manufacturers will state every 6 months, however we have found through experience that annually will be sufficient.  You will soon discover this for yourself as you will get that unpleasant taste and odour of chlorine again.

Q. I have brown staining on my sanitary wear and my white wash looks dirty.  If I stand a glass full of water for a period of time a brown reddish film appears on the bottom what is this?

No doubt you will have a well or borehole water supply that is rich in iron.  Iron naturally occurs in many aquifers.  At first it may be invisible to the eye but once water hits the atmosphere the presence of iron becomes apparent with the tell-tale signs of staining and unpleasant metallic taste.  Occasionally this can be accompanied by black deposits which is manganese.  You may find our blog pages of interest where we go into a bit more detail. 

Q. Is there a filter that I can install to alleviate the problem of Iron and Manganese?

Yes the installation of a Shakesby Iron Removal filter which we consider to be the best in the market today will solve the problem.  These filters will require servicing but thankfully due to improvements in their design the servicing frequency can vary for annual to every 2 or 3 years dependant on the iron level and usage.


If you do not find the answer to a question here then drop us an email using our contact us form.

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