FAQ Irrigation Systems

FAQ Irrigation Systems

Q.  I am interested in having an irrigation system for my garden but don’t know where to start, can you help me please?

Firstly you will need to draw a rough plan of your garden showing the general layout.  Remember to indicate where the nearest electrical and water supply is situated. Also provide a measurement of how much water is coming from your tap (time how long it takes to fill a bucket) Then simply send us your plan and we will work out your requirements.  Once the estimate has been accepted we will provide you with a list of all parts required and a plan showing where they are to be installed.

Q.  I am tired of constantly having to water my pots by hand can you suggest an inexpensive system?

Please visit our Drip for Containers section of our web store we have a variety of kits available for self-install.

Q.  I want an automatic pop up irrigation system, where do I start?

All irrigation systems start with a plan.  Send us a plan of your garden showing the general layout and remember to include where the nearest water and electrical points are.  Our experienced team will then work out your requirements.  Once the estimate has been accepted we will provide you with a list of all the parts required and a plan for self-install.  .

Q.  I started up my irrigation system this spring and my controller appears to be leaking why is this?

Without doubt this is due to frost damage.  It is imperative that an irrigation system is correctly drained down before the first signs of frost. 

Q.  I have heard that I should drain down my irrigation system over the winter why is this?

Again this is so as to avoid damage to expensive controllers and manifolds.  If the irrigation system is not drained down correctly, the water within the system will expand when frozen causing severe damage.

Q.  I purchased a Leaky Pipe Kit last year and it worked extremely well, this year it seems to be leaking excessive water all over the beds why is this?

A Leaky Pipe is designed to be buried or covered with a light mulch.  This is to avoid damage by sunlight which will cause the pipe to perish.  It is also possible that you may have inadvertently perforated the pipe with a garden fork, hoe or spade.  If this is the case then simply cut out the damaged part and reconnect it using a joiner and section of Leaky Pipe if required.

Q.  I have inadvertently put my spade through the drip pipe / Leaky Pipe can I repair it and if so what do I need?

Yes simply cut out the damaged section and re-join using appropriate joiners (drip pipe uses 16mm fittings and Leaky Pipe uses 12mm fittings).

Q.  What’s the difference between Leaky Pipe and Drip Pipe?

Leaky pipe is designed to be used as an underground drip pipe, whereas the drip is often used on the surface. Leaky Pipe is completely porous and leaks across its entire surface, whereas the drip pipe has a dripper pre-inserted at a set distance (33cm or 50cm). The output for the Leaky pipe is 2litres per metre per hour and the drip pipe is around 6 litres per metre per hour.

Q.  I have found a well / borehole in my garden and with my water bills being extremely high I was wondering whether it would be feasible to use the well / borehole supply instead?

Yes it certainly is; we may many clients with wells and boreholes using the water for the garden and household use.  As long as you are not abstracting more than 20m3 (4400 gallons) per day you will not require a licence.  We can advise on an appropriate pump to meet your requirements.

Q.  I have a stream running along the back of my property can I use this water supply for my irrigation needs?

Yes you most certainly can; simply advise us of the distance from the stream to where you wish to irrigate and the nearest electrical point and we will recommend all necessary pumping equipment.  Again as long as you are not abstracting more than 20m3 (4400 gallons) per day you will not require a licence.

Q.  I have just planted a small orchard which irrigation system should I install?

Please visit the Orchard Watering section of our web store there you will find all the necessary equipment.  If you prefer provide us with a rough plan of the orchard and we will work out your requirements.  However remember it is always best to plan ahead, have the irrigation system in place before planting your crop.

Q. What size is your leaky pipe and what size is the standard supply pipe you use?

The Leaky Pipe (we only use the original Leaky Pipe) is what we call a size 12mm and the supply pipe is a size 16mm as we use the external diameter as measurement. Other people can work on the internal dimensions which would give a size of 10mm and 13mm respectively.

So any of our fittings that are a size 12 will fit the leaky pipe and any of the size 16 fittings will fit our 16 pipe and a standard ½” garden hose.


If you have any further questions then drop us an email via our contact us form.

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