Pop Up Rotator 5 Kit

Pop Up Rotator 5 Kit Pop Up Sprinklers
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Pop Up Rotator 5 Kit​

Pop up lawn irrigation Rotator kit x 5

This, from a good water supply, you should be able to water all at once as a single zone. This pop up kit will enable a lawn of about 220 square metres to be irrigated.

These rotator nozzles on Toro 4” bodies are very popular for lawn irrigation and have become an industry standard due to their high uniformity, low water use and “matched precipitation” (ability to mix and match different nozzles and arcs whilst maintaining the same quantity of water applied to each square metre over the whole lawn).

The Rotator nozzles come in three varieties the 360° all round nozzle, the 90° to 210° for corners and edges, and for wide arcs 210° to 270°.    The kits come with the Rotator 2000 which gives a throw of 3.5m to 6.5m. Should you wish to alter the mix of nozzles as you order you are more than welcome.

Kit contains the following items:

  •  4" Pop Up Body (SPB4) x 4
  • Rotator 2000 360° Nozzles (SPS20) x 2
  • Rotator 2000 90°-210° Nozzles (SPS21) x 3
  • Take Offs with hose connection (CF1510) x 5
  • 20mm Compression T (CF1010) x 1
  • 20mm Compression Connector (CF3310) x 1
  • 20mm Compression End Caps (CF3710) x 2
  • 20mm to hose adaptor (CF3015) x 1
  • Auto Drain  with saddle (AUT) x 1
  • 50 metres 20mm Tube (T2050) x 1


This kit contains all you need to get you up and running and all parts to expand your system are available as individual items.

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