Gardena Pressure Regulator With filter 1354-20

Gardena Pressure Regulator With filter 1354-20 Garden Irrigation Equipment
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Gardena Pressure Regulator With filter 1354-20​

Gardena Pressure Regulator (including filter)

The most important factor in getting a drip watering system to work well is control of pressure. In all our years of experience we have never had problems with low pressure from domestic water sources, but high pressure can be a nuisance. We recommend a pressure regulator is fitted for each irrigation system, especially if the the system is to be automated.

Includes filter which can easily be removed and cleaned. Compatible with the Gardena Flower Food tablets.

We recommend that pressure regulators are used with the following irrigation systems.

Leaky Pipe, Surface drip pipe, Hanging garden water supplies, micro drip, adjustable output drippers.

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