Orchard Watering

Orchard Watering

The Orchard Drip Watering System is ideal for irrigation of widely spaced trees or large shrubs.

The system is based on having 2 individual drippers per tree or shrub, which are positioned either side of the tree or shrub so that it encourages even root growth. The system is supplied and connected with either 16 or 20 tubing, depending on the distance, the run of plants, or the number of plants that will be on the system. The supply pipe is run alongside the plants (the pipe can be buried if required) and then drippers are inserted directly into the pipe (or via micro pipe if the tube cannot be positoned directly next to the plant) at each plant.

The system can be automated and is compatible with all our size 16 or 20 fittings.

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Orchard Micro Drippers​ Orchard Drippers Pressure Compensated - This system is ideal for..
£0.61 Ex Tax: £0.51
Orchard Drippers Pressure Compensated - (Pack of 100) This system is ideal for widely spaced..
£49.74 Ex Tax: £41.45
16 Adapter To Click Fitting This 16 adapter to click fitting is the easiest way to attach your ga..
£1.68 Ex Tax: £1.40
Economy Punch The economy punch is used for making holes into the supply pipe for the irrigation ..
£1.33 Ex Tax: £1.11
Punch​ This punch is used for making holes into the supply pipe for the irrigation system. T..
£10.21 Ex Tax: £8.51
Micro Tee  6mm​ Micro Tee - 6mm Tee piece for the 6mm multi outlet tube. Used to split th..
£0.36 Ex Tax: £0.30
Take Off Simply punch a hole into the supply pipe. The take off fitting will fit into the hole an..
£0.23 Ex Tax: £0.19
16 Elbow barbed 16 Elbow barbed  - used for taking the 16 tube around any sharp corners. ..
£0.85 Ex Tax: £0.71
Goof Plugs  pack of 10​ Goof Plugs - (pack of 10) Insert a Goof Plug to seal up holes in ..
£1.13 Ex Tax: £0.94
6mm external  4mm internal Hozelock equivalent   Hozelock code 2772 Suitable fo..
£2.35 Ex Tax: £1.96
Tube 16mm ​ 16mm Tube  Soft TWPE  (thin walled poly ethylene)  Used  as a mai..
£4.08 Ex Tax: £3.40
16-16 Barbed Joiner 16-16 barbed Joiner for the 16 tube or 1/2 inch garden hose used to transport..
£0.85 Ex Tax: £0.71
16-16-16 Equal T Barbed 16-16-16 Equal T barbed is used for splitting the 16 tube into diffe..
£0.85 Ex Tax: £0.71
16 End Stop 16 end stop for the size 16 tube. the 16 end stop is the Hozelock equivalent ..
£0.85 Ex Tax: £0.71
Pipe Anchors Pack of 10 Pipe Anchor Metal pipe anchor to hold both the size 12 and 1..
£3.23 Ex Tax: £2.69
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