Leaky Pipe Porous Irrigation Hose and Fittings

Leaky Pipe Porous Irrigation Hose and Fittings

Genuine Leaky Pipe is the long lasting porous rubber irrigation hose for drip irrigation systems.  Use the pipe that professionals use and not to be confused with other inferior porous hose on the market. The Leaky Pipe system is designed to be used as a buried system although it can be positioned on the surface, as long as it is covered with a light mulch. Leaky Pipe is designed to give an even output across its entire length to ensure that the area being watered is covered fully and not over-watered at one end (this can happen with other makes of porous pipe).

This is one of our most popular drip irrigation systems as it is simple and flexible and can easily be adjusted and adapted to suite your irrigation requirements. We recommend that Leaky Pipe is buried so that it encourages the plant roots to grow down to find the water and so encourage stronger root growth.

When installed with an automatic controller Leaky Pipe systems are efficient and save water.  Can be set to irrigate at night thereby reducing wastage of precious water supplies due to evaporation.  Use our Garden Watering Assembly plans to help design a system that will last for many years.  Simple and easy to install for the DIY gardening enthusiast.  

If you cannot find what you are looking for, or are doubtful of your requirements please contact us.

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Your simplest choice for a drip system Porous Leaky Pipe 20m Kit is robust, long lasting a..
£34.27 Ex Tax: £28.56
Barbed Reducing Tee 20-16-20 ideal for connecting 20mm supply pipe to 16mm drip line. For sloppin..
£0.85 Ex Tax: £0.71
Porous Leaky Pipe 50m Kit is robust, long lasting and your simplest choice for an efficient dri..
£79.19 Ex Tax: £65.99
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Porous Leaky Pipe 100 Metre Kit​ Your simplest choice for an efficient drip irrigation syste..
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Porous Leaky Pipe 50m your simplest choice for an efficient drip irrigation system. The genuine..
£77.99 Ex Tax: £64.99
16 Elbow barbed 16 Elbow barbed  - used for taking the 16 tube around any sharp corners. ..
£0.30 Ex Tax: £0.25
Porous Leaky Pipe our simplest choice for an efficient drip irrigation system. The genuine Poro..
£107.10 Ex Tax: £89.25
16-16 Barbed Joiner 16-16 barbed Joiner for the 16 tube or 1/2 inch garden hose used to transport..
£0.30 Ex Tax: £0.25
Your simplest choice for an efficient drip irrigation system. The genuine Porous Leak..
£125.99 Ex Tax: £104.99
16-16-16 Equal T Barbed 16-16-16 Equal T barbed is used for splitting the 16 tube into diffe..
£0.30 Ex Tax: £0.25
12 Elbow barbed 12 Elbow  barb used for taking the size 12  Pipe around sharp bends. ..
£0.46 Ex Tax: £0.38
16 End Stop 16 end stop for the size 16 tube. the 16 end stop is the Hozelock equivalent ..
£0.30 Ex Tax: £0.25
16 Barbed Inline Tap 16 barbed Inline Tap  - used to manually turn on and off a particu..
£2.10 Ex Tax: £1.75
12 Stop End Barbed 12 stop end Plastic bung used to block and seal the end of the size 12 Pi..
£0.46 Ex Tax: £0.38
12-12 Leaky Pipe Joiner / connector 12-12 Leaky Pipe Joiner for connecting or repairing size..
£0.40 Ex Tax: £0.33
Pressure Regulator​ Pro   Pressure reduced to 1.8 bar The most important factor in g..
£11.82 Ex Tax: £9.85
16-12 barbed Reducing Joiner 16-12 barbed Reducing joiner is used for adapting from the..
£0.50 Ex Tax: £0.42
12-12-12  Equal T 12-12-12 Equal T  barb used for taking the size 12 Pipe in different ..
£0.46 Ex Tax: £0.38
Pipe Anchors Pack of 10 Pipe Anchor Metal pipe anchor to hold both the size 12 and 1..
£4.20 Ex Tax: £3.50
16-12-16 barbed Reducing T 16-12-16 barbed Reducing T - Used for taking a branch of the size..
£0.46 Ex Tax: £0.38
12 Inline Tap barbed 12 Inline Tap barb- used to manually  turn on and off a length of ..
£1.98 Ex Tax: £1.65
Gardena Pressure Regulator With filter 1354-20​ Gardena Pressure Regulator (including filter) ..
£25.00 Ex Tax: £20.83
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