Hanging Garden Supplies

Hanging Garden Supplies

The Hanging Garden Supplies System is the easiest way to water your handing baskets and patio containers.  They are simple to install, unobtrusive and discreet.  Ideal for areas where containers of similar sizes require watering.

Each dripper will give an output of 2 litres per hour and uses a combination of large and small pipework. The large pipework is used to transport water around the system and the smaller pipe to take water to the container that needs watering.

The watering system can be automated very easily by using an irrigation controller. One dripper will be able to water up to a 40cm (16in) diameter hanging basket, for larger containers two will need to be installed.  If after setting up the system you find that a pot is not getting enough water, it is easy to insert an extra dripper.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or are doubtful of your requirements then please contact us.

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5 x Drippers and Stakes - Hanging Basket Irrigation at its simplest The easiest way to water..
£2.81 Ex Tax: £2.34
The easiest way to irrigate all your containers. 10 x Drippers and Stakes The easiest way..
£5.30 Ex Tax: £4.42
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Dripper for Hanging Garden Water Supplies  The easiest way to irrigate all your containers. ..
£0.38 Ex Tax: £0.32
100 x Dripper The basis of the Hanging Garden Water Supply. This 100 x drippers are non pressure ..
£30.64 Ex Tax: £25.53
16mm Tube ​Soft TWPE  (thin walled poly ethylene)  Used  as a mains pipe to carry wat..
£4.08 Ex Tax: £3.40
Micro Stake Micro Stake Stake for securing sprinkler tube (SPT10) and micro tube (MB..
£0.25 Ex Tax: £0.21
100 x Stakes for use with our individual drippers DR1 ..
£20.42 Ex Tax: £17.02
16 Elbow barbed 16 Elbow barbed  - used for taking the 16 tube around any sharp corners. ..
£0.30 Ex Tax: £0.25
5mm Micro-Tube The 5mm micro-tube is ideal for drip irrigation system, for hanging baskets, patio..
£2.03 Ex Tax: £1.69
Based on 1 reviews.
16-16-16 Equal T Barbed 16-16-16 Equal T barbed is used for splitting the 16 tube into diffe..
£0.30 Ex Tax: £0.25
16 End Stop 16 end stop for the size 16 tube. the 16 end stop is the Hozelock equivalent ..
£0.30 Ex Tax: £0.25
Pressure Regulator​ Pro   Pressure reduced to 1.8 bar The most important factor in g..
£11.82 Ex Tax: £9.85
Punch​ This punch is used for making holes into the supply pipe for the irrigation system. T..
£10.21 Ex Tax: £8.51
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