Adjustable Output Drippers Drip Irrigation for Containers

Adjustable Output Drippers Drip Irrigation for Containers

It can be frustrating at times when you have a range of different size containers that all require different levels of watering, our adjustable output drippers are the ideal solution for such a system. With each dripper having the ability to be adjusted to allow more or less water through it, whatever the size container, you can ensure its getting the correct amount of water that it needs. The system is suitable for hanging baskets, pots, containers, troughs etc.

The adjustable output dripper system is a mixture of large and small tubing, which gives it the flexibility and ability to water a large number of containers in one go (this is still dependant on the flow and pressure of the mains water which is being supplied). The adjustable output dripper system can easily be automated so you can spend more time enjoying your garden, or not have to worry when you are away on holiday.

This is one of our most popular ranges as it is simple to install and suitable for a range of applications.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or are doubtful of your requirement please contact us.

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Adjustable Output Dripper On Stake (includes take-off). Our most popular dripper for irrigating cont..
£0.92 Ex Tax: £0.77
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£0.92 Ex Tax: £0.77
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£0.61 Ex Tax: £0.51
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£0.92 Ex Tax: £0.77
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£2.35 Ex Tax: £1.96
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£10.12 Ex Tax: £8.43
Economy Punch The economy punch is used for making holes into the supply pipe for the irrigation ..
£1.33 Ex Tax: £1.11
Punch​ This punch is used for making holes into the supply pipe for the irrigation system. T..
£10.21 Ex Tax: £8.51
Micro Tee  6mm​ Micro Tee - 6mm Tee piece for the 6mm multi outlet tube. Used to split th..
£0.36 Ex Tax: £0.30
Take Off Simply punch a hole into the supply pipe. The take off fitting will fit into the hole an..
£0.23 Ex Tax: £0.19
6mm Tube Elbow 6mm tube elbow for the 6mm multi-outlet tube, useful for when going round a sharp ..
£0.46 Ex Tax: £0.38
Goof Plugs  pack of 10​ Goof Plugs - (pack of 10) Insert a Goof Plug to seal up holes in ..
£1.13 Ex Tax: £0.94
Gardena Pressure Regulator With filter 1354-20​ Gardena Pressure Regulator (including filter) ..
£25.00 Ex Tax: £20.83
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