Orchard Micro Drippers Pack of 100

Orchard Micro Drippers Pack of 100 orchard watering
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Orchard Drippers Pressure Compensated - (Pack of 100)

This system is ideal for widely spaced trees or shrubs. A Pressure Compensated orchard dripper is placed either side of the tree so that the rooting of the tree is even. The entire system is linked together using the 16 tube.

If you need to use more than 150 drippers or 250 metres of tube then call us on 01473 400101 for our advice about 20 tube to ensure even output.

There are two methods with the Orchard watering system the first is to run the tube directly alongside the tree and to insert a pressure compensated dripper either side of the tree.

The second is that if it is not possible to get they tube right alongside the tree as long as the tube is within 2 metres of the plant then a length of sprinkler tube (SPT10) can be used to transport the water to the plant with orchard drippers on the end.

For every hour the system is on each tree bush will get 4.4 litres of water or just under 1 gallon.

Pressure compensation = special dripper with a diaphragm in that will compensate as the pressure gets less down the pipe run due to on line pressure losses.  N.B only works from high to low pressure. 

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