Battery Multi Zone Timers

Battery Multi Zone Timers

Selection of battery operated multi zone timers from Claber and Gardena for use with garden irrigation systems. The Claber range of times provide a solution of having 2 zones/outlets being controlled by the one unit. These timers are ideal if you are running two similar systems at the front and rear of a property, or if there is not adequate flow or pressure to run a system in one zone.

The Gardena system needs both the 1060 premium controller and the 6 way controller to provide a control system that will operate up to 6 zones from the one timer. Please remember that the way this system works is that the 6 way controller opens each outlet in turn so the system has to run in sequence. you are not able to have one zone come on multiple times before the rest of zones have been activated. If you require more flexibility for your system it is recommended to use a mains operated controler with a manifold of solenoid valves.

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