Pulsar Dry Multistage Submersible Dab Pump 230V

Pulsar Dry Multistage Submersible Dab Pump 230V Submersible Pump for Tanks and Wells
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The Plusar Dry multistage 23V Subersible pumps are particularly silent running making them ideal for use with pressurisation systems in unventilated rooms or in areas prone to flooding.

Single-piece multi-stage borehole pump with hydraulic assembly positioned under the motor which is cooled by the pumped liquid.

Impellers, diffusers, filter and oil sump in abrasion-proof thermoplastic.  Pump liner, stator sleeve, upper head with sleeve and sealing ring in AISI 304 steel.

Upper and lower bearing supports in dezincification-proof pressed brass. Rotor shaft extension in AISI 304. Elastomers in NBR. Stainless steel hardware.

Double mechanical seal separated by an oil chamber, in ceramic/carbon on the motor side and arburundum/carburundum on the pump side.  The sealing system ensures the motor remains airtight and the mechanical seal holds even after brief periods of no-water operation.

Continuous service asynchronous submersible motor. Stator incorporated in an AISI 304 stainless steel airtight casing with a cover housing the cables and capacitor.
Rotor mounted on oversized ball bearings to ensure silent running and long life. Incorporated thermal current protection and ermanently connected capacitor in the single-phase version.

Built to IEC 2-3 and IEC 61-69 (EN 60335-2-41).
Protection level of motor: IP 68
Insulation class: F
Standard cables: 20 m of HO7 RN F cable.
The single-phase versions can be supplied with or without floats for automatic operation.

Three-phase protection, a motor overload cut out should be fitted, in accordance with current standards.


- Operating range: from 0,9 to 7,2 m3/h with a head of up to 86 m.

- Pumped liquid: clean, without solid or abrasive substances, not aggressive.

- Max. quantity of sand in water: 50 gr/m3

- Liquid temperature range: from 0°C to +40°C

- Maximum depth of immersion: 20 metres

- Installation: fixed or portable, horizontal or vertical.

- Operation: manual or automatic (continuous operation with pump totally submerged)

- Diameter of delivery connection: 1" 1/4 GAS

- Maximum diameter of pump: 138 mm

These pumps are only avilable in manual versions.

For 3ph models please call for prices.

Pumps are dispatched direct from Dab Pumps and available normally in 2-3 working days.

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