Garden Steelpump X-AJE/JEP Single Stage Jet Pumps

Garden Steelpump X-AJE/JEP Single Stage Jet Pumps
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Garden Steelpump​ X-AJE/JEP Single Stage Jet Pumps

The most powerful and versatile irrigation rainwater harvesting pump X-AJE/JEP Single Stage Jet Pumps​ which can be fully submersed or mounted on the surface.  With an inbuilt automatic control module the pump stops and starts on demand.  The module also protects the pump from running dry with leak protection.

Must be installed with a suitable strainer when pumping from ponds, streams, water butts etc. and on any rainwater harvesting sytem.

The Garden Steelpump X-AJE/JEP Single Stage Jet rainwater harvesting pumps are the most efficient in their class and built to last.  Due to their unique design they are quiet running therefore can be installed in areas where people are present.

They are fully repairable with no corrodable parts internally and externally, in our opinion the Garden Rainwater Harvesting pump is an excellent choice for your garden irrigation projects and rainwater harvesting systems.  Primarily it is designed for portable and temporary installations.  For permanant installations please see XAJEB pump range for permanant installations.

Available in 3 options please take care when making your selection:

  1. Garden Steelpump only
  2. Garden Steelpump with multi hosetail connector
  3. Garden Steelpump with multi hosetail connector and carry handle

With a 2 year manufactuers warranty against material and manufacturing defects these pumps offer reliability and reassurance. 

The guarantee does not cover malfunctioning due to failure of being correctly installed in accordance with the installation instructions. Correct installation is vital in the case of automatic pumps which will run excessively if the pressure drops.

The guarantee is not valid if the pump has been disassembled in any way.

To make a warranty claim please contact us in the first instance.

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