SteelPumps Submersible and Surface Mounted

SteelPumps Submersible and Surface Mounted

SteelPumps offer a range of truly unique range of innovative clean water pumps which can be installed submersed up to a depth of 5m or surface mounted.  These Genuine Italian Design and Contructionpumps are ideal for general domestic and commercial pressure boosting applications, rainwater harvesting systems, irrigation systems, water butts and tank transfer duties.

They are a genuine Italian design and constructions made for EU sourced products.  They are also extremely quiet running so can be installed within the vacinity of the general public.

All SteelPumps come with a 2 year warranty from the date of sale.

The SteelPumps are built to last due to their strong durable materials of construction.  They are available in automatic with an inbuilt pressure control or manual SteelPumps by ECP Groupversions.

We love these pumps due to their versatility and efficient low power consumption.  If you need assistance in making your decision please contact us and we'll be pleased to assist and recommend the best option for your chosen application. 

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SteelPumps Submersible and Surface Mounted