Irrigation Pumps

Irrigation Pumps

We offer a range of quality garden irrigation pumps ideal for use with rainwater harvesting systems, water butts, ponds, wells, boreholes and utility storage tanks.

We also offer the SteelPumps range of quality irrigation pumps manufactured in Italy from EU sourced components.

Choose from manual or automatic to suit a variety of applications.  If you are uncertain of your requirements please contact us for further assistance..





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Garden Steelpump​ X-AJE/JEP Single Stage Jet Pumps The most powerful and versatile irrigation rai..
£359.86 Ex Tax: £299.88
Pump Suction Hose Kit which consists of 7m reinforced hose with 1" plastic footvalve with strainer, ..
£24.00 Ex Tax: £20.00
Speroni KS801 Portable Surface Jet Pump with plastic housing ideal for a variety of garden pressure ..
£164.40 Ex Tax: £137.00
TPS 200SA Automatic Sump Pump​ for Pond and Water Features The TPS 20SA automatic submersible dra..
£151.20 Ex Tax: £126.00
X-MF B Multistage Fountain Pump​ The X-MF B series fountain pumps are ideal for large or municipa..
£585.60 Ex Tax: £488.00
The 10 inch Filter Max 3P Water Filtration Kit is ideal for a variety of water treatment application..
£54.00 Ex Tax: £45.00
TPS 200S Manual Sump Pump​ for Pond and Water Features The TPS 200S manual sumberisble pumps ..
£127.20 Ex Tax: £106.00
XAJE80B Self Priming SteelPumps Jet Pump​ The XAJEB range of Jet self-priming SteelPumps are idea..
£408.00 Ex Tax: £340.00
XAJE80P Self Priming SteelPump​ The XAJEP range of self-priming portable SteelPump are ideal for ..
£359.86 Ex Tax: £299.88
XAMV Vertical Multistage Jet Pumps  ​ XAMV Vertical Multistage Self Priming Jet Pumps a..
£702.78 Ex Tax: £585.65
TPV 200SA Automatic Sump Pump for Pond and Water Features The TPV 200SA series of submersibl..
£151.20 Ex Tax: £126.00
TPV 200S Manual Sump Pump​ for Pond and Water Features The TPV 200S Manual submersible drainage p..
£127.20 Ex Tax: £106.00
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