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Eastern Counties Pumps Ltd T/A ECP Group was founded by Rory and Josie Dalzell in 1988, however, relatively quickly we realised that the name Eastern Counties Pumps was in fact a misnomer, as not only do we specialise in pumps, but virtually anything in connection with clean and waste water such as Water treatment Filters, Boreholes, Wells, Irrigation Systems and much more.


ECP Group specialise in the sales, service and installation of all types of pumps, water treatment filters and irrigation systems, for domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications.  We also drill new boreholes, sink new wells, refurbish and reinstate existing supplies. When it comes to water treatment filters, Borehole supplies and products for new wells, ECP are among the leading suppliers in the UK.


Our aim is to offer the complete service from initial design, to final installation and servicing and are continuously striving to improve the services and products we offer, selecting only ​the most suitable equipment available to meet with our clients exacting standards.   We are committed in providing the highest quality workmanship to all our clients, backed up with an excellent after sales service, so that you can be assured that your project however small or large will be dealt with efficiently and professionally.


Our service area covers the whole of East Anglia which includes Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and even parts of Lincolnshire and Sussex.


If you simply wish to make a purchase then please visit our store pages, alternatively if you require assistance then please contact us we’ll be pleased to assist as best we can.  For DIY installations we offer telephone assistance for products purchased from our website.


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Shakesby TMETD 2472 Iron Removal Filter​ The TM (Top Mount) range is the entry level filter ..
Ex Tax: £0.00

Spectrum Inline 870 Carbon Filter Cartridge​s The Spectrum inline 870 in-line carbon filter ..
Ex Tax: £11.50

Gardena Pipe Clip 4.6mm 3/16 inch  Single  8379-20 Gardena Pipe Clip 4.6mm (3/16 inch) ..
Ex Tax: £0.44

  Shakesby EB1354 Iron Removal Filter​ The Shakesby EB range are ideal for small domestic..
Ex Tax: £0.00

Gardena Spray Nozzle 90°   Single​ Gardena Spray Nozzle 90° - Single - 1368-20 Fo..
Ex Tax: £0.79

Claber 1/2 inch Threaded 3 Way Connector​ Claber 1/2 inch threaded 3 Way Connector Used for co..
Ex Tax: £3.28

  SAR 250 Clear Water Lifting Tank​ Prices for this product range are upon application, p..
Ex Tax: £0.00

The Noblesse slim line 275 litre water butt is a sleek contemporary design making it an ideal choice..
Ex Tax: £191.66

Water Butt Pipe End Stop​ Water Butt Pipe End Stop End Stop for the Water Butt Pipe. ..
Ex Tax: £0.11

50 Litre Simplex 1252 Nitrate Reduction Filter​ 50 Litre Simplex 1252 Nitrate Reduction Filter wi..
Ex Tax: £884.00

12-16-12 Increasing T barbed 12-16-12 Increasing T  barb- Used when the size 12 &n..
Ex Tax: £0.71

Claber Mini Rotor 360 degree (7.6 - 9.1m) Dynamic professional sprinkler, low water consumptio..
Ex Tax: £17.24

The Silen S2 is a single stage self priming swimming pool pump ideally suited to the reciruclation a..
Ex Tax: £521.00

Window Cleaner with Wiper -5564-24 For thorough, effective cleaning of glass surfaces. Runn..
Ex Tax: £25.91

Orbit Pocket Star 6 Zone Controller​ Orbit Pocket Star 6 Zone Controller Two independent pr..
Ex Tax: £60.00