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Luminor Blackcomb Replacement Lamp 3gpm Genuine Luminor Blackcomb replacement germicidal lamp for..
Ex Tax: £76.00
Aquada 1 Lamp NLR1825WS​ Ultraviolet germicidal lamp to suit the Aquada Altima type 1 ultraviolet..
Ex Tax: £49.50
Baby Battery Automatic 12v DC Pump​ The Baby Battery automatic 12v DC submersible bilge pumps for..
Ex Tax: £170.00
BPS 80 Light Duty Manual Pump​ The BPS80 submersible pumps, are designed for clean and slightly d..
Ex Tax: £58.00
  The Caprari E4XP energy range of borehole submersible pumps offer unique characteristi..
Ex Tax: £0.00
Claber Compact 12 Oscillating Sprinkler​ The oscillating arm in ABS, available with 12 holes, thi..
Ex Tax: £22.52
Claber Impact Tripod Sprinkler​ Claber Impact Tripod Sprinkler - areas up to 572m² 27m Puls..
Ex Tax: £64.88
http://youtu.be/EZD5qKUke80 Claber Tempo Logic Irrigation Timer 8483 NOW COMES WITH FREE BATTE..
Ex Tax: £58.62
http://youtu.be/7YxjdWb6WWQ Claber Tempo Select​ Irrigation Timer 8486 NOW COMES WITH FREE BAT..
Ex Tax: £63.65
Clean system Shampoo -1680-20 Recommended for cleaning paint and plastic surfaces. Biodegra..
Ex Tax: £4.99
Dab CS4A 8-24 Borehole Submersible Pumps for 4" boreholes are capable of generating a vast rang..
Ex Tax: £438.00
Dab Ninphaea Fountain Pump​ Dab Ninphaea Pump for fountains and ponds Features:  Use o..
Ex Tax: £47.00
ES4 12 4 inch Borehole Submersible Pump ​ The ES4 12 4 inch borehole submersible pump with floati..
Ex Tax: £813.00
Espa Multi 25 Surface Vertical Pump​ The Espa Multi 25.3M vertical multi-stage pump is quiet runn..
Ex Tax: £493.00
FN 32 Monobloc Pump​ The FN 32 Monobloc pumps manufactured to standard EN733 FN Series.  Sui..
Ex Tax: £0.00
Garden Steelpump​ X-AJE/JEP Single Stage Jet Pumps The most powerful and versatile irrigation rai..
Ex Tax: £299.88
Gardena Water Computer MultiControl The Gardena Water Computer MultiControl has been redesi..
Ex Tax: £70.83
In-Line Dab KLM-KLP-DKLM-DKLP Pumps Hot or cold water circulation pump with in-line ports, suitab..
Ex Tax: £0.00
  Jung Pumpen Hebefix Mini Above Floor Sump​ Hebefix Mini Brochure The Hebefix Min..
Ex Tax: £0.00
Jung Pumpen U3KS and U5KS Drainage Pump​     The Jung Pumpen U3KS and U5KS is th..
Ex Tax: £0.00
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Koshin KTH-50X Trash Duty Engine Pump 2 inch compact trash pump with Honda powered engine with oi..
Ex Tax: £709.00
Micra 50M 3 inch Submersible Pump​ Micra 50m 3 inch centrifugal type borehole sumbersible pu..
Ex Tax: £690.00
MP Rotator 1000 360 deg Sprinkler Head​ MP Rotator 1000  360 deg  (fixed)  &n..
Ex Tax: £8.68
PRA Peripheral Pump​ The Ebara Peripheral turbine pumps are constructed from cast iron and suitab..
Ex Tax: £123.00
Pump Suction Hose Kit which consists of 7m reinforced hose with 1" plastic footvalve with strainer, ..
Ex Tax: £20.00