Irrigation Pumps

Irrigation Pumps

We offer a range of quality garden irrigation pumps ideal for use with rainwater harvesting systems, water butts, ponds, wells, boreholes and utility storage tanks.

We also offer the SteePumps range which are a range quality pumps manufactured in Italy from EU sourced components.

Choose from manual or automatic to suit a variety of applications.  If you are uncertain of your requirements please contact us for further assistance..





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Garden Steelpump​ X-AJE/JEP Single Stage Jet Pumps The most powerful and versatile irrigation rai..
£359.86 Ex Tax: £299.88
Pump Suction Hose Kit which consists of 7m reinforced hose with 1" plastic footvalve with strainer, ..
£24.00 Ex Tax: £20.00
Speroni KS801 Portable Surface Jet Pump with plastic housing ideal for a variety of garden pressure ..
£164.40 Ex Tax: £137.00
TPS 200SA Automatic Sump Pump​ for Pond and Water Features The TPS 20SA automatic submersible dra..
£151.20 Ex Tax: £126.00
X-MF B Multistage Fountain Pump​ The X-MF B series fountain pumps are ideal for large or municipa..
£585.60 Ex Tax: £488.00
TPS 200S Manual Sump Pump​ for Pond and Water Features The TPS 200S manual sumberisble pumps ..
£127.20 Ex Tax: £106.00
XAJE80B Self Priming SteelPumps Jet Pump​ The XAJEB range of Jet self-priming SteelPumps are idea..
£408.00 Ex Tax: £340.00
XAJE80P Self Priming SteelPump​ The XAJEP range of self-priming portable SteelPump are ideal for ..
£359.86 Ex Tax: £299.88
XAMV Vertical Multistage Jet Pumps  ​ XAMV Vertical Multistage Self Priming Jet Pumps a..
£702.78 Ex Tax: £585.65
TPV 200SA Automatic Sump Pump for Pond and Water Features The TPV 200SA series of submersibl..
£151.20 Ex Tax: £126.00
TPV 200S Manual Sump Pump​ for Pond and Water Features The TPV 200S Manual submersible drainage p..
£127.20 Ex Tax: £106.00
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