Honda WX10 Petrol Engine Pump

Brand: Honda
Product Code: PUWX10
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The WX10 is a self-priming centrifugal pump, powered by a compact and powerful 4 stroke genuine Honda petrol engine which is coupled to an aluminium body pump end, volute and impeller.  This ensures the pump is light, compact and portable. Fitted to a sturdy base plate, with rubber feet to minimize vibration with comfortable, yet robust, carrying handle.

For reliability, the pump is fitted with a carbon ceramic mechanical seal. Suitable for clean and dirty water applications, it has high head capabilities and gives a good flow of water. It’s neat size and
performance makes it popular for irrigation, sprinkler systems, light drainage, washing down and general pumping duties.

It is not fitted with an engine oil alert system.
Maximum suction lift is 8 metres, however 6 metres, or less is recommended.

1 inch inlet and outlet
Engine: Honda GX25
Fuel: Petrol
1.5 HP
Maximum flow: 142 lpm
Maximum head: 36m
Solids handling: 5mm

Hose couplings, washers, clips and strainers are supplied, but hoses are extra.


Please note that 2 stroke engines will soon be banned.


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